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ROKAMAT machines can be summed up in 2 words:

Easy Working..

The unique concept of separating drive motor from tool makes  each ROKAMAT machine light weight and easy to handle.

For plaster finishing, sanding and grinding concrete and plaster surfaces, cleaning formwork or smoothing spraying concrete, fresh concrete or floor screed.

Designed and made in Germany, ROKAMAT is the No. 1 choice for professional conctractors with the aim of achieving perfect results in short time.

Contace us for a free demo at your jobsite ( 080-2328549 )

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VOGT HAMMER, the ultimate renovation tool all round the construction site.

Taking off tiles, plaster,  render, screed, epoxy or even bitumen.

Removing parquet, PVC, linoleum or cutting out joints betwwen brick stones.

The VOGT HAMMER  is  unique.

High end quality. Reliable. Easy to operate.

Over 200 click on tools are avialble to make  your renovation work successful..

Call us for a free demo at  your jobsite !


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Man Assisting Innovations

Highest quality, realiability and outstanding design..

MAI INTERNATIONAL is leading in the  fields of machines for

- 3D Printing

- Foam Cement

- Grouting

No wonder that  MAI machines can be found where only the best is good enough..
Robotics, Tunneling, Mining. With machine bodies made of corrosion resitant  hot zinc  coated steel  and Polyurethane copound,  MAI machines are made to last and perform under the toughest conditions. 


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Plastering machines from AF combine Technolgoy "made  in German" with  cost efficiency  by assembling the machines in Shanghai.

The result : a high quality machine at an  economic price level and quick delivery times.


Call us for more information !

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Asking leading suppliers of construction materials which  mixer they recommend  for mixing any type of  material, the answer is always "COLLOMIX"

This German made mixing machines are built for professionals and used by  professionals.

Mixing matters !!

Chosing the right mixer and the right  paddle for the job is  most important to keep a smooth work flow on the job site.

Aks us for adivse, and book a free demo at your job site !

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KOTAN  BAU YAPI is our  newest partner.

Being succesful for over 20 years in designing and producting mixers and pumps for mortar and concrete, KOTAN BAU YAPI has establishedd themselves as supplier of reliable and top performing machines which come at an ecnomic and competitive  price level.

From plastering machines to concrete pumps.

Please call  us for more information !

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