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Grouting mortar is a high tech material which needs expert  attention.
Exact processing, reliable equipment and precise water dosing  are the key to a successful Grouting Appliction

From easy hand  pumps to sophisticated grout mixing pumps with data log, you find  the best grout mixer / pump at BRAZEECO CO.

The perfect combination

A light yet  powerful combination.

Easy mixing with the COLLOMIX RMX Working Stand

The COLLOMIX Xo6r HF mixes up to 90l per batch.

The perfect combination with the MAI 2PUMP PICTOR.

Stainles Steel Body, Speed Control, Remote ON/OFF

Up to 25bar workign pressure

AQUIX, precision water metering at the  push of a button


The MAI400 NT is the "Gold Standard" of Grout Mixing Pumps. This machine is at home in almost every tunelling jobsite  around the world..

Built for tough environments, the 400NT delivers top performance under any condiition.

Construction, Concrete Repair, Tuneling, Mining... we are prepared !!

Chose from the selection of the best grouting equipment for your project

Small but Clever. The TOMOSADA Handy Grout Pumps

TOMOSADA  is known for outstanding quality products "made in Japan""

The Handy Grout Pump  is no exception. With various spouts, you will find the right handy grout pump for your project easily.

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