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Construction Sites

The best equipment for your construction  project

Laying Bricks
Renovation & Concrete Repair
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IIf there is  construction, there is renovation.

Preserving the value of a building requires expert craftsment.

At BRAZEECO we offer great renovation machines from Germany.

VOGT HAMMER, the ultimate pneumatic  multi purpose renovation  machine.

ROKAMAT, the  comforable high performance machines to ensure a perfect result.

Plaster Work

There are various  methods  of plastering.

We find the right plastering machine that fits your needs and your budget.

From budget friendly, yet  solid and reliable mixing pumps from  our partner  KOTAN  BAU, Modular built machines from AF  until high end plastering machines built  in stainless steel and polyurethan..... top performance is guaranteed.

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3D Concrete Printing

3D Concrete Printing is a young industry. If  offers endless design possibilities for architects and is a  proven GREEN technology.

With our partner MAI  INTERNATIONAL we supply the best mixing pump and  print head technology  for your 3D printing business.

The MAI MULTIMIX is the champion amongst the 3D mixing  pumps.

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Foam Cement 
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Foam cement combines many advantages:

-  thermal insulation

- sound insulation

- fire protection

- low weight

- Perfect as floor underlayment

-  Perfect for tunneling and mining for filling of voids / cavities

- Savings in transport and logistics

Please click "more" for detailed infomraiton

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Mixing  is often  neglected and yet a most  important step to quality construction..


COLLOMIX has the right mixing machine for you. Whether you need to mix plaster,  screed, grouting materials, repair mortars,  etc.....

With machines and  tools from COLLOMIX you get the job  done quickly, easily and in a comfortable way.

Call 081-8019846 for a free demo at your job  site.

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Grouting material is amongst the most demanding materials in construction.

Processing grouting mortar the correct way is  of utomst importance.

Mixing grouting material

Pumping grouing material

Injection, pouring ..... at BRAZEECO we have the leading technology in the grouting industry for you.

Made by MAI INTERNATIONAL in Austria.

Professional Vacuum Units

Vacuum units for professional use.

With high air volume flow, easy filter cleaning and easy operation.

Keep your job site clean and safe from dust.

Whether it is for floor preparation, power tool connection or big industrial work. We have the right Vacuum unit for you!

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Grinding like a Pro!

Safe, quick, productive and with sate of the art dust extraction.

At BRAZEECO you will find the best  grinders and sanders for your project.

Whether you need to grind concrete, sand skim coat or polish natural stone surfaces.

Contact our Team for more information and a free product demo at  your jobsite !

Parts & Accessories
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Machines need parts and accessories.

At  BRAZEECO you will find the right parts for your machines.

Hoses, couplings,  mixing shafts, Rotor / Stator pumps, spray guns, electric parts, etc.


Aks us for  infomraton - call our hotline 081-8019846.


Concrete Rpair

Repairing damaged concrete

Surface or structural cracks

Reinforcement with carbon fiber or carbon laminate.

Together with our partner ConRepair, we offer you a competitive range of professional solutions for your concrete repair project.

Contact us under 080-2328549

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