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Working Stand RMX
Stainless steel
With gas spring action
For the most comfortable work!!

Fits all COLLOMIX Xo Mixers!

Hand Mixers.
Models: Xo1rHF for batches up to 35l
           Xo4rHF for batches up to 65l
           Xo6rHF for batches up to 90l
           Xo55rHF ...batches up to 90l


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Asking leading suppliers of construction materials which  mixer they recommend  for mixing any type of  material, the answer is always "COLLOMIX"

This German made mixing machines are built for professionals and used by  professionals.

Mixing matters !!

Chosing the right mixer and the right  paddle for the job is  most important to keep a smooth work flow on the job site.

Aks us for adivse, and book a free demo at your job site !

Always the best mixer for your project!

MIX GRIP. Stops buckets spinning!

Aquix.  For easy automatic water dosing

Industrial Construction Site

Working  hard....

Working smart....

Automatic Mixers


Highly mobile mixer for self leveling floor material.

Mixing 65l per batch
Exact dosing and lump free.

1Ph power supply

Automatic Mixers are built to make the workflow smooth and deliver top mixing results.

Whenever your project requires plenty of material to be mixed.

Whenever you are short of  workers. ....

Then let an automatic Mixer of COLLOMIX do the job for you!!


Available for 1Ph and 3Ph power supply

Mixes 1k, 2k or 3k material equally perfectly.

The mixing tools  are height adjustable  and easy to exchange.

A planetary gear provides high torque.

A timer for 3  settings assure that each batch is mixed to perfection.

Recommended  by leading suppliers of construction materials..


Twin action by rotating bucket and rotating mixing tool.

Perfect mixing results every time.

1Ph power supply makes this mixer flexible to be used in any  kine of jobsite.

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