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Building a Bridge

Municipality &  Infrastructure

Municipality and infrastructure works include a multitude of working fields.

- Concrete Repair

- Grouting

- Sloop stabilisation

- Earth Works

- Sufrace cleaning and preparation

- Etc.

Concrete Wall
Surface Grinder
- 1700 W
- Low vibration
- Metabo Marathon Motor
- Sution Port 35mm

Concrete Repair


Forced Action Mixer

The by far most advanced and effective mixer in the construction market

The Mixer that runs on 2 speeds
With timer for easy process control
Mixes 1K and 2K materials equally perfectly

The perfect combination: The MAI 2 PUMP PICTOR is the perfect pump for grouting and injection.

- Stainless steel body

- Non stick PU  compound modules
- Electronic  speed control

- Only  33 kg weight, highly mobile

- Remote control with ON//OFF function

-  Optional injection manometer with pre-set pressure
- Flange with universal GEKA PLUS couplig

COLLOMIX Xo55r Duo + RMX Work Station

The  RMX holds the mixer in place.
The Xo55r duo mixes batches of up to  90 liters.

Suitable for all types of materials.

Road Constuction


Looking for a tool which is truly multi purporse, easy to use and multi-functional ?

For street and earth works, the VOGT  HAMMER is your best friend.

WIth over 100 click on tools, the VOGT HAMMER is a multi versatile hand held tool, easys to operate, sturdy and reliable

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